Living Light Shows @ The San Antonio Zoo

Zoo Lights San Antonio Zoo

2016 has been a year of many “firsts” for our company; we have introduced a new Pixel Mega Tree design, an “infinite” Modular Matrix, two new Snow Flake kits, an improved Arch base kit, a Pixel Mega Wreath, new enclosure designs for commercial installations and more. But perhaps the most exciting “first” is our new light show that has taken center stage at the San Antonio Zoo’s annual Zoo Lights event. In addition to our signature high-energy, fast-paced, custom soundtracks we have also implemented over 150,000 channels showcasing our new product designs including a 110-foot long Pixel Matrix, a 40-foot Mega Tree, eight giant light cannons, and 24- Mega Pixel Wreaths and Snow Flakes. We are excited to see the dancing children, smiling crowds, and sea of cell-phone toting spectators videoing as they are immersed in the elements of this 4 minute and 40 second show. If you are in the San Antonio area this Christmas season make sure to stop by and see it as the video does not do it justice! If you cannot make it then you can still view it on YouTube below.

Johnson Light Show @ The San Antonio Zoo

The Johnson Light Show by Living Light Shows is showcased every 15 minutes nightly during the 2016 Zoo Lights event at the San Antonio Zoo.