Living Light Shows Dazzles Crowds at Worlds Largest Night Parade

With nearly 1,000,000 viewers in attendance over the 3-mile route the annual Fiesta Flambeau Night Parade is the largest illuminated parade in the world. This year Living Light Shows outfitted the “Our Lady of the Lake University” float with our latest technology RGB Pixel systems. The float was only one of a handful using RGB Pixel technology and the only one that synchronized them to custom programmed effects.

This was also the first public debut of our new RGB LightType Animated Pixel Letters that come in 18” double row, or 8.5” single row versions. The letters were a crowd favorite as they ran animated patterns that really set the float apart from the competition. The letters are also available in custom sizes and fonts (or even unique shapes such as your logo) by special request. Custom lighting effects for the letters can also be created; in the video the large letter “O” on the side is actually a stylized logotype with two “swish” shapes that we programmed to do unique effects such as spinning and oscillating. For more information on the RGB LightType Animated pixel Letters click here:

Unfortunately we were only able to grab a few seconds of substandard cell phone video of the 34-second light show that looped continuously between elements on the float in pre-programmed patterns.

Our Lady of the Lake University Float

2017 Annual Fiesta Flambeau Night Parade