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Lights Alive! Drive -Thru Light Show

Lights Alive! is a computer-controlled, musically synchronized, drive-thru light show experience created by Living Light shows to showcase our innovative and industry leading technologies, products, and effects programming capabilities.

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Why Living Light Shows?

Living Light Shows regularly receives National and International recognition for our ground-breaking technology innovations and spectacular lighting attractions. We offer smart pixel technology coupled with the latest hardware and software solutions to create technology-centric holiday light shows and dynamic displays that mesmerize and captivate audiences of all ages.

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Do you want your attraction to have such an impact that guests repeatedly visit and bring new friends and family with them each time? Do you want something that sets you apart from your competition, attracts excitement in the press, and goes viral on social media? Or perhaps you want to replace a boring, stagnant, traditional light display or already have RGB pixel lights but no support for them. If this is you, you are like most of our customers and we can help. We want to hear from you!