From Hobby to Hollywood

Nothing has quite the impact and universal appeal as a magical lighting composition that couples brilliant, vibrant lights with synchronized musical soundtracks. It was this marriage of media injected with his knowledge of technology and spiced with his unique style that launched technology strategist and software engineer Matt Johnson onto the national scene in 2013. Using his knowledge of software and electronics blended with his affinity for Dubstep and Electronic Dance Music (EDM) he composed his first Christmas light show at his home in San Antonio, TX.

Within a year he was invited to compete on Season 2 of ABC’s national TV series “The Great Christmas Light Fight” and was regularly receiving requests for interviews with national and international media. Being featured in TV, radio, and magazines around the globe sprung him into the national spotlight and positioned him as a trusted expert in smart RGB pixel displays and synchronized light shows. He began consulting with companies from Ukraine to Colombia and everywhere in between and released instructional videos for the DIY community as well. It was upon this platform that he launched his new company Living Light Shows.

Living Light Shows CNC Fabrication


Momentum to Market

Over the next two years he responded to overwhelming demand to mass produce his product designs and begin selling them to a global commercial market. Since then Living Light Shows has manufactured, sold products, and consulted with companies and venues all over the world. His projects continue to grow in popularity and go viral on social media; the last show he posted of his residential light show received over 3.5 million views in 20 days on YouTube alone.

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The Future Looks Bright

“As I watch the sea of cell phones from visitors numbering into the thousands every night recording our creations I ponder the staggering viral impact that can have for a venue as the videos and photos hits social media and are shared with friends and their networks.” says Matt Johnson. New technologies on the horizon will allow viewers to interact with the show and become part of the action. One software application built by Living Light shows allows viewers to send text messages which are then relayed onto a giant pixel matrix at the end of each show. Living Light Shows was born from technology and is committed to using it to distinguish them from the competition both now and in the future. Current research and development projects include cutting-edge experiences using drones, projection mapping, and animatronics. “Our goal is to create a vibrant and captivating experience using dynamic and animated visual elements and technology that audiences of all ages would describe as nothing less than magical”.

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